Welcome to BeYOUtiful University!

Our mission here at BeYOUtiful University is to help you gain style and confidence using fashion and faith.

We will teach you fashion tips, style suggestions and beauty tools. Whether you love to shop or hate it, are a total fashionista or pairing your sweatpants and t-shirt is hard work, we are here to help.

So, what are you going to learn here at BeYOUtiful University???
Good question! New things EVERY month!

Here are a few: Jewelry, Hair, Full glam make up and a 5-minute face, 10 things everyone should have in their closet, how to fold, what to wear and how to pair. Shopping lists – what are the must haves and what is a total worth it splurge.

AND no need to take notes – every course comes with a handout and or a checklist.
We want this to be fun, informative and easy for you!

Friends, we are here to teach you ways to gain style and confidence using fashion and faith but remember to be YOU!
 Don’t try to be her, dress like her, be her size with her hair . . BE – YOU

YOU my friend are BEYOUTIFUL!

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