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Kelly Hover ~
Founder, CEO of BeYOUtiful Image Consulting,  CIC Director and Certified Image Consultant

I am married to Josh, mom to two kids, one Fancy dog, a coffee loving, sunshine addict, with a new
appreciation for reading.  Believe it or not, mowing the lawn is my sanity time (weird –I know)!
As a licensed hairstylist, jewelry specialist and fashion lover,  I love all things BeYOutiful.
I love teaching women practical tips on how to look their best.  Wearing the right colors will make you look more awake, happy, approachable and younger. Whereas, wearing the wrong colors can age us quickly, make skin imperfections more apparent and give us the appearance of looking tired and sick. Even though I love clothes, makeup, hair and jewelry,  my real passion is to help women feel confident in their own skin!  As women, we all want to feel good and look good; however, we often compare ourselves to those around us.  STOP IT! This is about YOU, YOUR body, YOUR style and being proud of who YOU are and WHOSE you are!

Kelly Hover, Founder and CEO

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Holly Gort ~ Certified BeYOUtiful Image Consultant, Stylist

Like many women I have always struggled with image, from the body I saw in the mirror to the weight on the scale, I judged myself on that image.  It's taken time and belief, but I have grown as an individual and have found a place of contentment with being ME!  I hope to share my love of self with you as we embark on this journey together through BeYOUtiful, helping you love the image you see in the mirror, from the inside out! I see beauty in all things.  As a former interior designer, I see design possibilities and options easily.  My personal style image is cute and casual, but some days you will find me fun and edgy. I look forward to helping you find your personal style and image.  I am a wife and a mom of three beautiful children.  It's my hope to help kids, teens, moms and the professional women stop comparing themselves to others, begin positive self talk and find confidence in themselves.

Holly Gort

Amy Brouwer ~ Certified BeYOUtiful Image Consultant, Stylist

I'm a busy wife and mom of five. I consider myself a "Chaos Coordinator' but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I can't go a day without coffee (Starbucks to be exact), I'm a foodie, I love good conversation, a shopper with a knack for finding looks that won't break the bank and I have a very creative spirit. My style changes according to my mood...some days I dress super trendy, some days I'm feeling sporty, and some days I want to be classy and dressy. I love to play with different hair styles daily; some days it's straight, some curly, sometimes I teach myself how to do a faux hawk braid, some days it's a big messy bun!!!

As a BeYOUtiful Image Consultant, I get to use the talents given to me to help others feel confident and encouraged - it just fills my heart!

Amy Brouwer

Lisa VanTol ~ Administrative Assistant

Hi, I'm Lisa! Married and mom to two lovely daughters and two golden-doodles (they're kids too right?!) I love reading, exercising, being with family and friends, the beach and anything in the sun! My gift is organization, and making these fabulous Image Consultants jobs easier with all the behind the scenes stuff. I'm not much of a shopper but I have learned A LOT from these ladies at BeYOUtifuI, I trust them and you should too. These ladies will pour love into you, encourage you  and make you feel your best! I'm here to be their biggest support -making them look good :)

Lisa VanTol

Serving YOU with Faith + Fashion,