Calling ALL Women

I TINKLED last night (not that kind of tinkle, silly ladies)

Let’s chat about the obvious....... 🧔🏽FACIAL HAIR Ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you had a mustache? We all have peach fuzz on our face! My eyebrows would be Burt & Ernie if I let them go.....

So how do we deal with it?

Here are some tips/ suggestions: Eyebrows: They're not meant to connect, but you can over tweeze. (You pluck a chicken, you tweeze your eyebrows -hair school saying flashback) I get them waxed, you can tweeze, and if yours are really thin or barely there you can pencil or even have them micro-bladed (tattooed) on. Nose Hair - Nose hair trimmer works wonders. Mustache - Wax or tweeze but this razor (now you know why I called it Tinkling - lol) is my fav for soft, few hairs.

Peach Fuzz- Some have facial hair some have peach fuzz. Pull your skin slightly taught then use the tinkling razor lightly across your skin. I feel my moisturizer works better, makeup goes on smoother and skin looks softer. Use as needed... everyone is different. Some may use it weekly some may use it every other month. I probably use mine once every six weeks-ish.

So it’s normal- don’t be embarrassed! Now you know what to do about it. This is my favorite facial hair de-fuzzer, Click here to get yours. If you have questions PLEASE ASK me!!

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