Do you wear it or declare it?

Here is something to ponder.....

A gentleman approached my daughter at Horrocks, where she works, he noticed she was wearing one of these sideways cross necklaces and he asked her......

"Do you wear it or declare it?"

Wow, GREAT question for this 17 year old to answer. I'm thankful that she said "I declare it." His response was "I'm proud of you and never take that for granted."

So let's think, is what we are wearing declaring who we are? Is it trendy or are we putting on the outside what we believe on the inside? We hear and see phrases such as "Modest is hottest"; "You are what you wear." Do we really believe these things? Do we really shine with Jesus in what we wear? Do people see the light, sparkle and joy in our eyes? We are called to be in the world not of the world and what we wear DOES make a difference.

When I see someone wearing a MSU sweatshirt, I assume they attended there or are a fan. When I see a person wearing a Coors light t-shirt, I assume they like that brand for a cold one.

When you wear it you share it. The world sees, eyes are watching.

Here at BeYOUtiful we want to teach you how to wear confidence with the clothes you already have or new clothes along with a bright joyous smile! Let's Declare It!

~Written by Lisa VanTol; Office Assistant

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