Favorite Staple

It’s mid-afternoon and I am getting ready to start prepping dinner for my family. I take out my favorite pan and open the top drawer of my kitchen island to look for stirring utensils. There is a lot to choose from. Spoons, ladles, spatulas and so many other random things I rarely use. Because let’s be honest, I have a few favorites I use a lot. It sounds weird to say that one does a better job than another or that a certain spoon feels more comfortable in my hand but for some reason it just does.

This is my lemonade stir spoon. I love that it’s quirky, like me and I love the color. It’s a staple in my kitchen. I’m sure you have a few favorite staples for cooking…..or maybe just to look like you enjoy cooking 😉

Let’s convert this little analogy to our closets shall we BeYOUties?

Are there certain “go to pieces” you have readily hanging around? A favorite pair of jeans that fit just right or a hoodie that no matter how ratty it looks, it ain’t leaving.

Let’s step inside our closet for a minute ladies and look at a few pieces with fresh eyes. I’ll be honest when Kelly came to give my closet that “Kelly magic touch” I was a bit nervous. I was fairly sure I would be headed straight to the mall and broke once this process was over. But honest to goodness it was a freeing and eye-opening experience. I had pieces hanging together that I only wore together….that’s just silly. I was limiting my wardrobe. Let’s take a chambray shirt for instance. What an awesome “wardrobe staple”. Look at all the combinations of outfits you can make and extend into different seasons.

Over a simple T-shirt dress. Add a few jewelry pieces and sandals and you are ready for so many things from a grocery shopping run to a soccer game to even a casual date night walking on the boardwalk in Grand Haven.

Just a little different knotted look.

I am using a black t-shirt dress but substitute in your color code. It can be a floral print or striped….any of those options would be adorbs gals!

This combo is great for fall. Always accessorize then sling on a pair of booties and you are ready to praise Jesus on a Sunday morning!

Camp pants, yo! Loooove!! So many ways to dress this up or keep it casual. Wear it like this or add a lacey layering tank for a feminine touch and a pair of black heels….even, if you dare a red or pink heel. Too cute.

For a bit more casual unbutton that chambray top and wear a graphic Tee underneath with a pair of Chucks. A fantabulous alternative to yoga pants and a sweatshirt for errand runs or school volunteering.

Add a cargo vest for a cooler day in the fall or early winter.

Or a faux fur vest or even a leather vest…..oh, that is definitely on my “need” list!

Again here, kept it simple but can layer with so many things! Here in the good ole Mitten state….layers are our friends ladies. If you don’t like the weather right now just wait five minutes. Cool in the morning and warm by the afternoon? Wear a cute printed shirt underneath, take off the chambray and tie it around your waste. Boom…new look. Flats, chucks, booties…any of those make this combo so versatile.

Oh, the white distressed jean! Dress up with heels and cute blinged out earrings or sandals and some cute hoop earrings. Comfy and classy .

Can’t say it enough….up or down ladies this is a winner, winner chicken dinner!! Pencil skirt, flats, and some jewels…easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Linen pants and espadrille wedges…..can you say fashionista?

Then there is the legging. Now, this can be a touchy subject because you need to be careful with leggings. Cover the bum please ladies. It’s just the proper fashion law!

Now, these have a panel of leather in the front cause that’s just me. Doesn’t have to be. Can be a solid color and can also be moto style leggings.

Did you ever think just one shirt could have so many possible outfit ideas?? I mean from spring, summer through fall and easily into winter.

Same with this little wardrobe gem.

This is why great quality staples are so important. They can last you year-round if you style them for the season.

Shop your closet. Yup, you heard that right. Mix, match and play dress up. Right in your very own space.

As always, if you need our assistance never hesitate to text or schedule a time for one of us to teach you how to transition the pieces you own.

Luv ya BeYOUties,

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