Fearfully and Wonderfully made

This year I became an aunt again. Woo Hoo!

I understand the infertility struggle. I have lost babies to miscarriage and cried over more negative pregnancy tests than I care to remember. Any pregnancy that brings a healthy baby is another miracle and not something that I take for granted!

Have you heard the quote “Fearfully and Wonderfully made”? When every baby is born this ‘quote’ gets used. And don’t get me wrong, these precious, squishy, cuddly babies ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. But what does fearfully and wonderfully mean? It means: set apart and unique – each and every baby IS set apart and unique! However . . . SO ARE YOU! YOU are YOU, not her, or her or her . . . YOU!

The part most adults forget is the ‘quote’ is actually a verse in Psalms and it goes on to says, “I PRAISE YOU for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful I KNOW THAT FULL WELL.” Wait, what?! Not just for babies?! NO!

“I KNOW THAT FULL WELL . . .” is a hard part. We may know we are different than our friends, have different talents than our sisters and our hair is a different color than our moms, but knowing and KNOWING are two different things! Sisters - own who YOU are! Be thankful who YOU are! Love YOUR eyes! Use YOUR gifts!

And then as I was reading this verse it caught me, "I PRAISE YOU . . ." Not only are we unique and we are supposed to know it but we are supposed to PRAISE GOD for the body He gave us! That hit me for the first time in my life. I have heard and read this verse a million times and only a couple weeks ago did I truly GET IT!

We as adults are supposed to praise God for the body He gave us and to KNOW for yourself that you’re awesome in God’s sight or in my words – you are BeYOUtiful!

So celebrate each birth, use the verse from Psalms but most importantly, remember to be you!

Luv ya friends,

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