Feeling alone... even in a crowd

Have you ever had moments where you feel like you don’t fit in?  You’re surrounded by people but feel totally alone? You try to be friendly with others but it’s not reciprocated? 

I do.  It sucks. Then you self-criticize I annoying, am I overbearing, do people not like me, etc. ugh!!!  Hate those moments!  I read the book a long time ago called Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst and I'm so glad I did. I dug it out today (I actually dig it out often). There’s a lady at the gym who hates me - chapter 3 - resonates well with me. Anyone read this?  

As I skimmed my book, I thought I'd share a few highlights that help me process:

Do I walk into situations prepared with the fullness of God in me, free to look for ways to bless others? ... Do I walk into situations empty & dependent on others looking for others to bless me?

We must respect ourselves enough to break the pattern of placing unrealistic expectations on others. After all, people will not respect us more than we respect ourselves.

We have to tell our minds to live loved. Being full of God's love settles, empowers and brings out the best of who we are. Here is the link to the book - it's so good!!

~by Lisa VanTol, Office Assistant~

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