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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I am a normal girl with acne (this should not be an issue I still deal with right?!) fine lines, pores and uneven skin tone - sounds great right? Actually it makes me have to learn, try new things and be willing to share my struggles to show you how it may help you too.

I wear makeup because I like I feel when I have it on. Truth be told I really only would get ready 5ish days a week and summer bare-face (except mascara and lipsense - to block the sun) is my fav!

I am NOT a makeup artist.

I am NOT affiliated with certain brands.

I do NOT think 1 makeup company can get EVERYthing right.

I do NOT spend hours researching or practicing my makeup application.

I am NOT a high-end makeup girl

I do NOT like to re-get ready. 1 time a day is PLENTY for me :)


I have done bridal makeup at the salon I used to work at.

I do like to try new products.

I do like products to look good, apply well and NOT look like frosting.



Ok, then grab your coffee (water or diet coke is fine too) and come get ready with me!

So you want a closeup of each product, where I got it and what color I was wearing?


Before you message me (however I DO LOVE messages from you all!) here is your list - yup, your'e welcome :)

Moisturizer -choose your fav. I'll share my skin routine another time.

Then the PRIMER.

I swore I would never use this pore-clogging slime . . . don't ever say NEVER! This stuff is AMAZING!

My favorite foundation is actually a drug-store brand - L'Oreal!

Foundation tip: Apply with a brush for more coverage, beauty blander aka sponge for medium coverage and fingertips for least amount of coverage.

Concealer is for hiding dark under eye circles (no evidence of being tired!), acne etc.

Setting power - I happen to use the same brand as my foundation - easy, great coverage without being heavy and inexpensive!

Bronzer /contour powder - Younique bronzer - the shade I use is malibu

Blush - only on the apple of your cheeks - no 1980's lines ladies!

I really like Younique's as it is concentrated color without being powdery and lasts FOREVER!

I also love to look a bit sun-kissed so I add a bit of hi-lighter just to the apples of the cheekbones and tip of my noes. Think about whatever the sun would hit and leave a healthy glow. Most hi-liters are too powdery for me, so I like the Jordana (Walgreens) hi-liter stick

Eyes - ooooh this is one of my favorite products! Younique eye-shadow + the rose water (the secret sauce!)

Eyeliner - go back to this one every time : goes on so nice, twists up (I HATE sharpening!) and doesn't smudge during the day

Jordana eyeliner - I use coffee bean but lavish brown is a darker brown that is great too

Mascara - play up those lashes ladies! I have 1 favorite but a second runner up

FAV is Younique 4D

second runner up is L'Oreal telescopic blackest black with a 2 layers

Lips - on days that I want to look finished and lips stay presentable then LIPSENSE it is! stays {almost} all day! my second choice is Jordana lip-liner (Walgreens) + L'Oreal lip gloss

and last but not to be forgotten is setting spray! I do NOT like to re-get ready in the day AND I don't want my makeup to run (or sweat) off my face. I use e.l.f. brand (target) makeup mist and set - the bomb . com!

There you have it friends - and usually this whole routine + my hair (stay tuned fr hair tutorial coming soon!) can take my 30 minutes or less :)

Need my Younique ladies name - just ask - she is fabulous and would love to help you :)

Any questions - PLEASE ask :)

I would love to serve YOU!

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