Hair changes

Did you know your hair changes every 7 years-ish? Yep. baby hair, puberty hair, teen, mommy, post nursing hair (or lack thereof!) and yes it still continues. Want to know how I know? 2 reasons: 1 - I am {retired} hairstylist. I did hair for 15 + years so my training and experience tells me so. more importantly . . . 2- I have been living in the change these past 6+ months and am SO frustrated! Now I don’t want to complain and I am not looking for a pity party but GRRRRR My HAIR!

WARNING . . . I had to go down memory lane and get out the good 'ole scrapbooks for some entertainment for you :)

As a child, I had PIN straight hair . . . .

THEN . . . LOTS of perms to get it curly

and by the time I got married the stylist used my natural curl + curling iron to pile my curls on top of my head.

Then babies - wow where did all that wave then CURL come from?! I readjusted my routine, new product, and got used to the curl. Shower before bed and go to bed with a little product but wet hair, wake up with MAJOR bedhead but all the wave/curl + bedhead meant natural volume and curling with a curling iron my curls would stay all day. but by the end of pregnancy NO curl and . . .what a roller-coaster!

THEN came the summer of 2019 (insert drama music- lol) it seemed at first like I was just out of my game. My normal hair color wasn’t turning the same color, wasn’t covering my grey, SUPER Flat hair, and lots of frustration. I chalked it down to too much time by the pool, and summer air - yes its a thing! Fall comes, still no body or volume so I chopped my hair off - short and fun! Fun for a while but still same problems and then one Sunday morning came the ahhhh hhhha moment . . . . I have flat, thin, ZERO wave at all hair. OH BOY! Actually, I was just happy I figured out the problem! I mentally put myself back in the chair and what would I ‘say’ to a client. I needed to go back to the drawing board. New routine, different products, more effort to get curls so lots of days are straight and I can’t go 5+ days living on dry shampoo anymore :( So if your super frustrated with things you used to not deal with before - talk to your stylist! Maybe your 7-year change is a BIG ONE!

Cheers to YOU and hair changes - I hope to see your cute face SOON!

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