Happy Christmas

GOOD morning and HAPPY Christmas week!

Are you feeling GOOD and HAPPY?


I’m not shocked as we all are living in the year 2020 - the year of extreme ups, downs and full of emotions.

Can I challenge you?

I posted the other day (click here if I you want to see the post)about why in this season I am CHOOSING to say GOOD morning, not just out of habit. ALL of our lives have been turned upside down with schedules, school, jobs, sickness, finances, health, etc.

But I think some of us have also discovered some sweet things happening this year ~ more time with family, finding out what is truly important to us, eating together, not running around like a chicken with our head cut off . . .and a FEW, I say this lightly because it’s definitely not a lot, of the rooms in my house have gotten a good clean and organized!

Friends, MERRY Christmas!

It is a truly MERRY, full of JOY, HAPPY celebration!

No matter your situation, your past, your finances or your family distance, there was born a baby, in a barn for YOU and his name is Jesus Christ!

He was born to a lowly, poor, young, unwed, scared woman.


He wants a relationship with YOU!

WE pray you believe in the ONE person who can change YOUR life!

Easy life ? NO. But you’re NEVER alone J

From our BeYOUtiful family to yours,

MERRY CHRISTmas and a HAPPY New Year (can I get an amen for out of 2020 and into 2021!!!!)

~Kelly, Holly, Amy and Lisa

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