Have you ever set unrealistic expectations?

Have you ever set unrealistic expectations? Or maybe had expectations you didn’t realize were set un-achievable.

I {Kelly} am an expectations girl. In everything. Ugh. I have learned through some in-my-face counseling this last year that I put expectations on everything.

My Marriage My kids My meals My house My relationships My extended family My business My organization My business relationships I put expecting what I think people think of me even though they never said Most of all I put expectations on myself.

How about /you? Ever set expectations? • How you wanted your wedding to be . . . And the flower girl made a grumpy face in every picture. • What grades to make in school? Math was just plain hard and you got a C+ • Marriage? Not Cinderella and Prince Charming? Yup disagreements and socks on the floor? are super annoying. • Kids? What?! Yours are perfect, well behaved and best friends? Mine either:( • Cooking? My family complains about most of my meals. • Have you ever thought about the expectations you put on Grandparents? Do they spend enough time with your kids? Come to enough sporting/ activities? Do enough sleepovers? Really what is ‘enough’? • What about your waistband size? Have you ever set your pant size 2 sizes down and willing to do ’whatever’ it takes to get there? Realize its hard work and disappointed in yourself? • How about the wrinkles on your forehead? Most of us have set expectations that we won’t ever age and when these little lines of life appear we are so disappointed and frustrated. • This time of year I’m sure you have expectations about the perfect Christmas photoshoot to send out to the world on your Christmas card

Sister, I am here with you in all of the above! Frustrating, maddening, and more tears shed over missed expectations met. BUT There is hope . . .stick with me here!

Because I am preaching to the choir (talking to myself here) let me share with you what I have learned ever so recently.

Adjust your expectations. No, you’re not settling - that sounds bad. But you do need to adjust your expectations so your no constantly disappointed.

Here is a FRESH example~ (I’m typing this as we are driving home from vacations that did not quite meet my expectations). We have friends out of state that are our BFFs and honestly the closest thing to family and we try to visit it them every 1-2 years, so this thanksgiving break was it and we were all SO excited! However, my expectations were to see my friends, drink coffee, catch up on sleep, rest my brain and chill. Did I mention on vacation I don’t cook and that sounded AMAZING too?! Well, my husbands' expectations were to spend time with our friends but to be doing activities every 32 seconds. GRRRRRR. We have 9 of us, its thanksgiving week, 2 kids are in school 2 days, 2 days of rain and . . . .I just wanted to hang out. Insert CLASH!!!!!!!!! Tears (by me), silent treatment, arguments, and hurt feelings. I was disappointed in him trying to be busy. Now the time spent with friends was WONDERFUL and I am so thankful for our FRIENDS giving, kiddos playing, lots of coffee and even did an all-involved craft (a funny story I’ll tell you later)

Adjusting what I expect from a person, a situation, a marriage discussion, a business connection, grandparents and my kids are all things I now intentionally think about and try to not set myself up for failure.

And really . . . God’s plans are better than anything I ever plan. He wants the best for us, He loves us and I should have not tried to deal with it all happening at once and instead bring all my worries and anxieties to Him FIRST. {Philippians 4:6}

Cheers to the holiday season and adjusting our expectations to enjoy the moments and make memories . . .amist the chaos, sprinkle covered Christmas cookies :)

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