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Remember that time we got up to an alarm clock and got ready everyday? I know.... I’m starting to forget too!

NOW aid the time to TRAIN (YES, it takes training!) your hair to not wash everyday, get more growth and honestly more volume! I was totally against it too BUT after trying it- I will NOT go back to the daily wash, blow dry, style event.


SOOOOO many of YOU asked, and YOUR STYLIST answered!

Here are my tips:

• Start by every other day and do that for a week • Go every 3 days for 2 weeks • After time you can continue up • I now go 4-7 (don’t judge!) days • My favorite days are day 2 and 4 My current routine: • I was at night + add in a styling product (mouse/gel/cream) • Day 1: Style as usual • Day 2: style as usual • Day 3: style as usual • Day 4 (or day 3 if needed): dry shampoo on roots, massage in with fingertips, let set 10ish minutes (while I do makeup) then style as usual • Day 5: style as usual • Day 6/7: style as usual and add dry shampoo if needed

I have tried a MILLION- ok that exaggerated but seriously as a #hairstylist I have access to the professional lines as well and EVERYtime I go back to this- MY FAVORITE (#fridayfavoritethings) HASK brand dry shampoo

WHEN you do wash here are my tips:

• shampoo, it won’t lather a ton because of the dry shampoo. If you’re using the coral bottle #myfav it has coconut oil in it so your hair will feel AMAZING🤩 • Rinse • Shampoo again and let set in the hair while I wash my body • Rinse • Condition • DONE!

Ps- I usually get mine at Walgreens but a lot of times they’re out so here is the Amazon link: CLICK HERE for the link

Pss- anyone else getting really excited about mail delivery these days? #celebratethelittlethings

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