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Good morning BeYOUtiful,

I hope you've grabbed your coffee and started your morning routine. Made the bed, went to the bathroom, ate breakfast etc. Maybe you're sticking to your morning routine right now or maybe you're joining me in cozies today (my fav!). Here's something to think about.... (While drinking your coffee this morning of course).

Did you know this??  God knows EXACTLY how many hairs you have on your head at EVERY moment?!

Crazy right?

So, if you are growing new hairs after having a baby, taking vitamins for new hair growth or maybe just normal maintenance, your hairs are numbered.  As the world is unsettled, the God of the Universe takes time away from everything else and knows how many hairs you & I have. Seriously, I cannot even fathom that to be honest. Speaking of honest… grab the Kleenex. I'm a licensed hairstylist who did hair for 15+ years. (Retired now :) There were a handful of times that women who were diagnosed or going through cancer were losing their hair and asked me to help them shave it. Of course! I always said, if I can be an encouragement or dose of hope, I would be. Speechless with tears streaming down their face strands of hair would fall from their head to the floor. Tears, laughter, more tears, inspection of their head they have never seen hairless before . . . It made things all too real.

Even in those moments God was keeping track of each hair.

One day, I had a teenager come in for a perm (I know, I just dated myself – I’m only 29 remember ;) after the perm her mom called and asked why the curl was already out three days later. Confused, and unsure, I asked if any medical changes, new pills, stress, hormones? As all of those things are typically reflected in skin and hair first. I said I would re-do the perm after a week or so to connect back with me after we let the hair rest and then move forward. A day later, I got a call from her mom that this sweet girl just was diagnosed with leukemia. Ugh, this explained why the perm didn’t take but I was devastated for her.

Even in those moments God was keeping track of each hair.

If you have been following along this year (January of 2020) my brother was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. He has ridden the roller coaster of in hospital, medicines, feeling horrible, good days, no appetite, radiation, eating all the gummy bears . . . And losing this hair. Sure, for a guy it’s not long flowing curls falling to the floor, but it is clumps, taking his hat off with hair stuck in it. It’s making things real, and its not easy for anyone. As I shaved his head neither of us said anything. I just smiled in assurance. All done . . .he turned his head from side to side inspecting his fresh new do and “well, here we are” was all he said but with a slight chuckle. The new normal. His precious wife just smiled “you look good honey.”

Even in these moments God is keeping track of each hair.

Wearing masks or not.. Should we leave our houses? Is it ok to hug? Will school start this fall? Frantic or not worried at all . . .  Everyone’s reactions are different AND THAT IS OK! But even in these moments God knows EXACTLY how many hairs you have and he's got the whole world in His hands!

Serving YOU friends through thick and thin with fashion and faith, ~Kelly

Our passion is helping women feel beYOUtiful.

Not by the worlds standard but by how God sees them! 

Serving YOU in Faith + Fashion,

Kelly Hover, CEO and Founder of BeYOUtiful Image Consulting 

Holly Gort, Certified BeYOUtiful Image Consultant, Stylist

Amy Brouwer, Certified BeYOUtiful Image Consultant, Stylist

Lisa VanTol, Office Assistant

I Peter 3:3-4

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