Holly and I took a little trip to . . .

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Holly and I took a little trip to Dutton General Store last week and WOW were we impressed!

Did you know some of the history with the store?

"Dutton General Store has watched over 68th Street in Dutton since 1871! It was the hub of activity then and I am sure the walls could tell unbelievable tales of happiness and sorrow, of war and peace, and of the changes throughout the century… tales of life.

In 1980 Shirley (Martin) Besteman and Kathy Warner decided to put their hobbies into a business venture. With the girl’s talents, the Dutton General Store reopened selling antiques, crafts, art and pump organs. The store was remodeled, but most of the interior and exterior was left as it was originally. People come from all over to visit and buy items in the Dutton General Store.

Dutton General Store offers collectibles because collectors are born everyday and collecting offers both excitement and comfort! The latest finds in home decor offer special pieces that give your home its own personality! Our clothing and jewelry and accessories are perfect mood boosters!"

Here are a few pictures (above) of the store.

Lots of giftaables, home decor and of course clothing.

Before we show you clothes - Holly and I were obsessed with these interchangeable jewelery (we loved the rings). Pick a ring band (stretchy -#BONUS!) then swap out the snap-in centers -whoo hoo!

Want to see some of our fav clothing items? Check these out!

Holly almost peed or cried (or both!) when she saw this . . .she was INSTANTLY in LOVE!

Gosh, I love shopping with this girl - always a hoot!

This brand . . kills me -lol "Excuse me, I have to go be awesome!" YUP!

The hardest part was deciding what to take home -we wanted EVERYTHING!

Go check them OUT!

And if you are a BeYOUtiful VIP client make sure you show your VIP membership card - save you money of course!

Dutton General Store 3422 68th St SE, Dutton, MI 49316 (616) 698-5060

Store hours: Mon – Fri: 10 am – 5 pm Sat: 10 am – 3 pm Sun: closed

Luv ya all,

YOUR personal Image Consultants

Kelly & Holly

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