How do we make it STOP 🛑?!

There is an epidemic and I can’t fix it

It has taken over and it makes me sick 🤢

2 local girls- 1 seventh grade girl and 1 senior in high school are out of state getting help for eating disorders and I can’t stop thinking and praying for them- it has consumed me lately 😭

A very public social media account I follow whom I have loved because she tells her story of abusing her body to be thin and how she is now healthy, strong and promotes positive body image - stretch marks, rolls, cellulite and all...... closed her account yesterday due to struggling again 😭

THEN the big blow ...... yesterday my daughter asked me if she was fat 😭😭😭. It made me sick to even hear her ask. This girl who is SO confident, loves the girl God made her to be was worried about her thighs. “But mom look at my thighs when I sit down”....... I kept calm and reminded myself of everything I teach YOU (and myself daily!) that she is BeYOUtiful, she is healthy, she chooses to move her body because it’s good for our body, we eat apples and cookies, we sit to read a book and all of that is ok!

and then I hid in the bathroom and cried 😭.

How can I protect her from this ‘mold’ the world thinks we need to fit into?

One TRUTH, one day, one prayer at a time❣️

I have thought about these girls, what to write and erased it 42 times..... but I hope you hear my 💜

and yes our thighs to flatten and get wider when we sit down - THEY ARE SUPPOSED TOO‼️

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