I have finally found it!

I have been on the hunt for my whole life (29 yrs. again!) for the perfect notebook, planner and calendar.

I know this may seem dumb and for you non-detail, non-perfectionist people you may just want to move along . . . unless you want some good entertainment -lol!

I like lists.

I like specific pens to write with (sharpie ultra-fine black pens are the way to my heart!)

I like to put thing I have already done on the list so I have something to cross off to look accomplished.

I like systems.

I like cute.

I like pretty.

I like . . .. well I like what I like.

(can we still be friends with all my weirdness?!)

I used to use a paper and pen planner and was determined to stick with it until my husband wanted to know family schedule stuff and we needed to find a way to ‘share’ our information. Then I began the hunt for the perfect electronic calendar.

Remember I have VERY specific criteria (I’m typing and starting to get embarrassed!)

I wanted to see the whole month at a glance

I wanted color coding

I wanted to see words on the date. I.e. some have a dot on everyday that you have something – well duh we would all have a dot on every day of our life!

FINALLY found -icalendar (not to be confused with ical) -best $3 app I ever bought – seriously go check it out! AND it syncs with most other calendar programs.

Ok fast forward . . .

Post its



–ps. my favorite EVER notebook is Fringe brand (at Marshalls or Amazon). Spiral bound (so it can swing all the way around – major MUST!) perfect size lines . . . and only $5-6.

BUT . . .

Have you ever used post-it tabs to separate a notebook and for example, set apart 10 pages in a ‘section’ only to use this whole section and need more pages - GRRRRRR! Yes, with capital letters- this makes me crazy! So what do you do – but ANOTHER notebook and here becomes my obsession- cute, labeled, pretty notebooks EVERY where.

This year I was determined (and spent WAY too much time searching for) the perfect To Do list notebook.

I bought several only to be disappointed.

THEN . . .. the MAGICAL moment happened!

I was venting to my #BFF about this (as all BFF’s should listen to each others real world problems right?!) and she said “I used to use this and I think you just want a different size”


Have you heard of the Big Happy Planner, 365 Planner, Arc planner etc.?!

Where had this been hiding my whole life?!

I have FINALLY found it!!!!

I love it!!!

It fits my needs (and hopefully by sharing this it will help you too!)

FINALLY a notebook + planner in 1!

You can add, move, and take out pages as needed - GENIUS!

Word of advice . . . it can get overwhelming . . . power through and you will thank me later!

You can get as ‘crafty’ as you want – you know I LOVE cute but crafty makes me sweat!

A few items you NEED to make it happen:

* Punch (use a Hobby Lobby or Joann fabric coupon)

* Rings – there are 3 sizes. I found the small rings did not hold enough but the big is almost too big and bulky (unless you want the 8 ½” x 11” size planner. My rings are shiny gold (yes, I’m picky and duh, BeYOUtiful colors!) and are about the size of a quarter from Staples. They are much cheaper at Hobby Lobby and Michaels in other colors.

* Cover – you can buy covers. I printed a picture I liked, laminated it and punch -whoa lah 😊

The rest is up to you and what you like.

Monthly plans Daily plans meal planning notes travel planner project task sheets . . . and the list continues!

For pre-made items check Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann fabrics, staples etc.

I found and LOVED some downloads from Etsy. A one-time purchase and SO many options. Here is the link to the Etsy store I found I liked the best but again, find what works for you.

Then . . . cute it up sister!



Pineapple stickers (DUH – my fav!)



Again, this can get out of control SO use coupons, start simple and find what works for YOU!

I hope you like this system

Sorry about all my random quirks (sorry not sorry – its who I am!)

Post pics, ask questions and we want to see yours!

As I have told a few people we are all hooked – here is a picture of another friends- just a little inspiration for you 😉

Happy organizing my BeYOUtiful friends!

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