I have hair where??

Let's talk about Body Hair. First of all men, keep scrolling and feel free to delete this email. But ladies, as much as this is 99% just for you, I’m using this to help my hubby too ;) Let’s chat about hair. Eyebrows Face Armpits Bikini line Legs Feet and toes – yup toes! Ok, so you may have been able to tell by asking the men to “scroll along” that some personal chat is going to happen here. Let’s start from the top . .. not the hair on your head – that’s a HUGE topic in itself . . . Let’s start with the eyebrows. Most women need a bit of brow shaping. Me, on the other hand, would be Bert and Ernie if I waited too long so waxing is my preference. Brows are thicker now as a trend than they used to be but keeping them shaped and away from a unibrow is recommended 100%. Now that we can see our hair stylists (yay!), I recommend talking with them about how to shape your eyebrows.

Next, Face. Most people think only men shave their face – NOT TRUE. Men happen to shave thick hair and stubble growing into beards but most women have peach fuzz covering most of their lower face. Sisters, trust me when I tell you, shaving it aka to women is dermaplaning, sounds fancier too right? This has lots of benefits for you: Takes off dead skin cells Smooths skin Makeup, moisturizer and primer will be smoother Skincare masks will do their job better  . . . And NO, it won’t grow back black or thick. I knew you would ask so I just answered you first;) Here - (Click HERE)  is my favorite face dermaplaning tool -try it, you can thank me later!

Next up, armpits. We’re not European ladies, shave em. Enough said. I thought about putting a picture here but nahhh.... Working our way down to the bikini line, again we’re not European so nothing needs to show outside a bathing suit. What you personally choose to do under what a bathing suit covers is up to you – yup, personal preference. BUT, the bikini line is my nemesis!!!!!!! I will shave my pits and legs for the REST OF MY LIFE but this dang bikini line . .can you tell I have pent up anger with this?! I have tried ALL the razor brands, men’s and women’s shaving gel, cream, lotion, razor burn cream, cloths... Yup EVERYthing and still the darn razor burn is happening. I guess it’s just my thing but SO frustrating!! So my current system is: In the shower: Wash Conditioner on the area Shave with Venus razor (the current one I’m using) Scrub Bikini zone cream after out of the shower  . .  It works the best out of everything I have tried. BUT I just came across this at-home laser/ light hair removal (men can use it too! maybe not on their bikini line.. lol). I figured it’s worth a try.  If you want to try it along with me, they gave me a discount code to pass on (click HERE and use code Kelly50.) Yes, it gives you $50 off the purchase, sweet right?! But you have to let me know how it works for you and I’ll, of course, give you my review in due time as well. So for the guys, my husband gets ingrown hairs on his lower jaw and neck BAD! We’ve been to several dermatologists, prescription creams, different skincare lines, ointments (he’s probably going to be embarrassed I told you all this -don’t tell!) I’m going to make him try the laser too – the company says for men too so it’s worth a try right?!

Ok, enough about the bikini line let’s move to legs, feet, and toes, yup all in one. I’m bundling them all together for a couple of reasons:

  1. You tend to shave all areas at the same time while in the shower.

  2. The hair on all three is usually the same.

  3. The same cream/razor can be used.

I’ve tried several razor brands and honestly, right now I’m using the women’s Venus. I’ve used men’s, women’s disposable, and all the things... No major commercial here. The real difference is in WHAT you use as the “cream” to shave with. Want a secret that will save you money and give you the smoothest shave? . . . . Drum roll please . . . .use the CHEAP conditioner. Yup, the Suave $2 bottle works great! Wash Lather Razor  . . . You’re welcome!


Some of you may be asking “what about the feet and toes”? Take a look ladies, they grow hair and it’s not pretty when left unshaven. Every once in a while during your ‘leg’ process give the tops of your feet and toes a quick swipe . . . Feeling sexy now right? ;) Ok, I have dished enough TMI for today. I hope some of this helps! ANY questions please ask -remember, my favorite this is SERVING YOU! Luv ya, 

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