I used to HATE jeans shopping

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

I used to HATE shopping for jeans.

Growing up I was NOT into clothing. (I know– pick your jaw up off the floor -lol!)

Boys plain colored t-shirts and jeans was fine . . .because I was hard to fit.

TOO tall.

I hated being Tall.

AS I got older everything was always too short so when long jeans became available in x-tra longs I was so happy.

But then they were all low-rise. I mean who invented this nonsense!

Bend over = butt crack

Sit down = butt crack

Stand up = pull them back up

SO DUMB but supposedly cool . . . so now I could get longs but now I can’t hardly move without things not feeling just right – so I still hated jeans shopping!


Hold on to your coffee mugs ladies it is about to get crazy!

I LOVE jeans shopping now and have achem . . .too many jeans (don’t tell my hubby!) because I just keep finding more THAT FIT!

Jeans are available now in all types of rises and lengths, xtra short to xtra long, curvy sizes, boyfriend fits, skinnies to flares. And the fabrics – SO many choices but as an overall they are getting more comfortable AND flattering – praise Jesus!

Jean Style Tips:

* The darker the jean the more slimming and dressy

* Jeans with holes are NOT for the workplace

* Cuff your skinnies with an ankle boot or wear the same jeans with no cuff + tall boots (saved you money 😊 )

* Jeans + t-shirt or jeans + blazer, you choose – SO many options

* You can wear your jean multiple times before washing

* Wash, tumble dry for 2 minutes then hang to dry

* Wash jeans together in case of color bleeding. Most jeans will release color during first few wears

* Jeans that are a full leg (straight, trouser, flare etc) should be no more than 1” off the floor when wearing shoes. I have some jeans that are only to wear with flats and others for heels

I am going to give you some favorites and feedback on them. Such as fit, fabric, cost ext.

Ready . . . .

FYI my Size information: I am 5’10 ½” and usually an 8/10 pants and prefer a long length in full leg pants

** note Maurices pictures wont load :( grr sorry - click the links to see pics**

My {Kelly} favorites:


A trouser jean fits like a dress pant. Mid-rise waist, full leg all the way to the bottom and is more professional for a jean. Mine are OLD, I Mean maybe 10 years old but here is a almost perfect match. This is a MUST-have for the business professional who can still wear jeans. I also love mine for a girls night with heels.

Maurices Denimflex Dark wash trouser


Skinny jeans:

OOOOH the skinnies – LOVE THEM! I also love that they are not the ONLY choice out right now 😊

FAV - Maurices High rise jegging

click HERE for the link

FAV -Maurices Super soft denim flex medium wash

click HERE for the link

FAV - American Eagle Highest waist jegging - regular price of $49.95

Click HERE for the link

FAV - American Eagle Highest waist jegging - regular price of $59.95

Click HERE for the link

Yes, you read correctly, HIGHEST wait. Friend these jeans come up so high and the longest pockets EVER! But that also means everything is held in! These fit very true to size – I am wearing an 8 regular. SO soft, doesn’t stretch out in the butt, fabric covering the holes (bonus!) and I love the raw hem for something different.

FAV - Walmart Time and Tru Women's sculpted Jegging- regular price of $18.74 - whoohoo

Click HERE for the link

Distressed and boyfriend

Jean Maries – Judy Blue

No link to a store (not online) but HERE is there website - HURRY these are AMAZING! + picture

These jeans scream casual, comfy, stylish, us to date and as comfy as pjs’. However as much as they look casual I too them with a dressy top and heeled mules to date night. These might be my new favs!

Flare: Yes, you read correctly, flares are back and everywhere! Now nothing reminds me of my age like trends coming back and repeating themselves . . .but have fun with it.

I like them as an option. Again, I love the skinnies but was needing a little variety.

FAV - Maurices Dark wash flare Jegging- regular price of $34.00

Click HERE for the link

FAV - American Eagle Highest waist flare- regular price of $34.00

Click HERE for the link

Bootcut These are a mid-rise, no super flarey (word?) and cute with flats or heels.

American Eagle Kick bootcut jean- regular price of $39.95

Click HERE for the link

Now these I am giving YOU as a must -have suggestions but I am every so {not}patiently waiting for them to be back in stock in my size.

I was recommended these by another IG follower and immediately ordered them up. Fit FABULOUS, color – great, length . . .too short for me even in the long ☹

So, order your regular size but you may need to up your length??? I am waiting for the xtra longs to come back in because I LOVED the fit of these!

I hope this helps – pants and jeans can be SO hard but with some suggestions and store favorites can at least get you in the right direction.

As I am typing this my sister called from North Carolina with jeans struggles - its a #REALworld issue but we all deal with it! She just found some this morning at the Loft - check there, I am always open to trying to new things and letting you know my feedback :)

Can we all just agree no matter what jeans you choose that these should be never be a good choice?!

Want more help or that honest friend to tell you “sister your butt does not look good in those jeans” but “those are fabulous” then we are your girls!!!

Book your shopping time HERE ASAP -we are here to help!

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Serving YOU with Fashion and Faith,

*Do you love that I do the research for you and saved you time? WHOO HOO!

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