I've Got Your Six

I won’t tell you how old I was before I finally figured out, on my own of course because how embarrassing to ask, what that phrase meant “I’ve got your six”. I’d hear it quite often in the movies or shows my husband watches and it really never clicked with me, partially because I’m one that watches movies staring aimlessly at the screen or looking peacefully at the back of my eye lids. Here’s a simple explanation, if you are standing in the middle of a clock face looking at the number twelve, you cannot see the number six, even if you are a supermom with teenage boys, it’s simply impossible to see behind you.

What does it mean to really have someone’s six? For those of you like me, who take a little longer to cook, I think having someone’s six means to have their back at all times and in all things. My guess is that started out as a military term, for the record I’ve not researched that, and the meaning behind it is fascinating to me. In all things and in all circumstances, I have your back. So the things you cannot see behind you or past your peripheral view, someone has you covered, or your six. It’s an extra set of eyes keeping watch over you and your safety, what a beautiful thing. How great is that?

In military or law enforcement terms, I can see how important this is, for those who live to “serve and protect” the public, having someone cover your back in the heat of war or civil unrest is kind of a big deal. But if I take it out of that particular situation being grateful someone has your six means something else to me. Bear with me here while I

start another paragraph to go down a rabbit hole for a second.

My parents never “allowed” me to hang out with a “rough” crowd. They were very particular and cautious of who I spent my time with. In those moments of my later teen years when I had a bit more independence, let’s say I chose the wrong crowd a time or two without them knowing. Here’s what I quickly learned, those "friends", they didn’t have my six. I thought they were my friends but they weren’t the kind of friends that I needed in my life. Have you ever walked into a room and the conversation stops. Sort of a deer in the headlights look comes over those in the room, they don’t have your six. Now granted, the conversation could be about something private between two people but those types of conversations are usually done yanno, privately where someone might not walk into the room.

What’s my point? I honestly appreciate the people who have my six. They are the people I rely on to give me honest and heartfelt feedback when I’m heading down a path that maybe I shouldn’t. They are the friends and people that have me covered, they are the ones I trust and rely on to get me through life. Friends that protect me when I can’t see what’s going on all around me, the ones that give me advice and direction while

walking on winding paths, not being able to see what’s in front of me let alone behind me.

What if we chose to be a person who has someone's six. What if we spoke up instead of joining band wagons we didn’t agree with just for the sake of saving face. What if we chose to have actual conversations, not social media banter, with someone we disagree with in an attempt to better understand.

Life is hard and I truly believe we are all just trying to do our best, making choices and decisions that we feel are best for us, perhaps someone really needs you to have their six, to look out for them, to give love and guidance. The one person that just came to your mind, do what it takes to cover them, have their back and give them sound honest loving friendship, take care of their six. I know I can think of a small handful of people that could use and extra set of honest eyes, how about you?


~Written by Stacey Udell a friend of Lisa's

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