introducing . . .The BraLab

Are you sitting down?

You might need to be for this . . . this is BIG!

Ok, let me back up . . . because I am so excited, I might pee!

First of all, I will bare my self-conscious body part . . . my BOOBS (lol! Some of you just got really nervous but don’t worry there are NO pictures and we’re keeping it rated PG!)

I was content with my B cup prior to having kids, I remember when I was newly pregnant calling my mom leaving Target, SO excited and giddy that I just bought a C bra . . . a month later still laughing that I bought a D . . . . months later sobbing from the dressing room overflowing from an E and this was NOT fun anymore!

Short story . . . my sizing never went down and now I have a lot of ‘pancake batter’ pouring out every morning. Now, none of you probably notice because I know how to dress well and with my body shape I know my tips to dress my best.

I have researched every bra company, product size range, gone to every specialty bra store, ordered magazines from overseas and I have definitely found some and some of you know a few of my recommended stores (yes I still like them) BUT . . .

I found, researched, ordered, tried on and wore and let me introduce you to . . . .

A customizable bra; your favorite cup, straps and back all in one!

Drum roll please . . .

The BraLab!!!!

All of you type A’s personalities are already googling them -lol!

Hang tight and stick with me and I’ll tell you a little bit about the company and product.

The company was started by two sisters that needed new size options and strap/ band options for dresses, shirts, etc.

These bras are sold in Nordstrom stores (great credibility!) and in boutiques across the United States but we are THE FIRST to bring them to MICHIGAN -whoo hoo!

How they work:

* We fit you for your normal bra size (ie -target, Hanes, etc) and convert to The BraLab sizing (see chart below)

* Pick your front: regular, push-up, bralette (and more are coming)

* Pick your back: regular, lace, criss-cross, etc. They have some really fun options!

* Pick your straps: regular, lace, striped, wide, and so many more! OR you can even go strapless.

Viola fully customizable bra! Your favorite cup + your favorite straps + your favorite back ALL IN ONE!

Seriously, now do you understand why we are OVER THE MOON excited?!

Ordering and extra details:

* Go to to purchase online

* Make sure you enter code: IamBeYOUtiful at check out to save 10% off your order

*We have samples of all items and sizes for you to try on, please contact us to schedule a fitting

We are going to be having a 1-day pop-up shop. We will do sizing; let you try them on and order that day

Click HERE to RSVP

This pop-up shop is for Everyone!

Bring a friend, sister aunt, and cousin – we want to SUPPORT all the ladies!

We are SO excited for you to try this new product and we hope you love it as much as we do.

PLEASE let us know if you have questions and feedback!

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