Is It Worth It?

Let me just tell you {sadly} that I have learned the hard way that life can change in an instant. And NO most things are not worth it. In an instant my mom lost her life and we were left with a void in our hearts . . But LOTS of pictures of her in our hands! We had words of encouragements and memories with her that will last a lifetime.

My brother was just diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Our perspective of everything has changed (you would think we would’ve learned these hard lessons the first time.)

Slow down, appreciate the little things, chat over a cup of coffee about more than the weather. Kiss the kiddos goodnight, be present and enjoy the journey.

I will be the first to admit, I like to work sometimes more than being a wife or mom (embarrassing to admit but I will always speak the truth to you). I like ‘me’ time where everyone just leaves me alone and inconveniences can bring out frustration in me. I like and welcome constructive criticism from anyone . . except my husband. Speaking of that sweet man, I have been known to look for an argument that wasn’t there, assumptions and jumping to conclusions. I’m a quick decision maker and I move on that decision like it was yesterday. He, being an over-analyzer and more levelheaded, takes more time.

WOW, I just was REALLY honest with you about several of my weakness . . . . . Actually, I’m just getting started.

But is all that petty stuff worth it?

I’m going to go ahead and say “nope”.

Friends, stop criticizing in the mirror and instead see what I see, what your kids see and most importantly what God sees- YOU are wonderfully made!

Be IN the pictures, they are valuable moments! Wear the bathing suit and do the cannonball! (just do it! :)

YOU my friend are BeYOUtiful!

I’ll tell you once and 3 times and 400 times and 2502485894239020294 times until you FINALLY get it – yes, YOU are BeYOUtiful!

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