It's All About The Lips Baby

Hugs & Kisses to All If you know me at all, I'm a total hugger!! I may train on handshaking and keeping your personal space and if I'm in a professional setting, I will obey the rules. BUT Like it or not, I'm your girl, your friend, your cheerleader, your honest opinion giver and your biggest fan! So a HUG it is :)

But this is actually more about the lips you kiss with. . . No, I’m not kissing anyone besides my hubby, kiddos and sneaking them to my nieces and nephews. This isn’t about how you kiss or who you kiss, it's all about the lips..........

Lips Finish a Face Having something on your lips makes you look dressed and finished for the day. And no, clear chapstick doesn’t count! :-) When I meet with clients, we go over their color code and I give suggestions in their preference within colors that are best for them aka YOU.

Let's go over a few options for your BeYOUtiful lips. Tinted Burt's Bees Chapstick

L’Oréal Lip gloss - 12 hr gloss (may not be a full 12 hrs worth but even 4 hours is good with me!)

Lipsticks A personal brand preference.

For color choices, I like Younique.

For feel and stayablilty, I like Luminess.

I also love Lipsense. Have you used it or heard of it? Basically lip color that doesn’t come off.

A friend recommended Rimmel and I'm really liking it so far! Goes on smooth, feels good and stays – 16 hrs? Nope! But I will take even the 6-8.

There are sooooo many lipstick & lipgloss options available at drugstores and high end department stores. Lipstick is by far the most available and affordable makeup product!

Need a 3 minute face routine? Foundation or BB/CC cream Mascara Lips DONE!

Hugs & Kisses to you my friend.

As always we are here to invest in you, encourage you and bless you.

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*Do you love that I do the research for you to save you time? WHOO HOO!

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