"It Takes a Village"

Have you ever heard this quote before? I usually pair it with raising kiddos. We are not meant to mother alone. You need that village – your support group. The fellow moms that don’t judge your febreeze smell when you walk into a room covering up your lack of showering. Those that are living on pots of coffee with you. Spit up and finger smeared mac and cheese on your shirt? Your village are the ones that look just the same and smile with non-judgement and an even more “welcome to our groupies” expression written all over their face.

As the kids get older, it’s the carpool village. The ones that become taxis to each other’s children quickly going through a drive through to make sure they're fed between school and soccer practice. It’s the grandparents that know you need a break even when nothing is on the calendar and take the kids for the weekend.

It’s my team. The “no ‘I’ in team” kind of group I see and partner with me every week! It’s the hugs, the smiles, the encouragement, the step up to the plate when its needed kind of team. It’s the co-workers that have your back. The work team (if you work outside the home) that get you balancing all the things.

But lately I have seen a village show up that I knew (sadly we’ve been through tragedy before -another story for another time) but they SHOWED UP and I mean BIG time! If you've been following along on social media you have seen my brother, Blake, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma brain cancer and also in his lungs. Shock Speechless Tears Stunned LORD HELP US After eight days of headaches and throwing up (yes, we fully accused him of having the man flu) the headaches got so bad he ended up at the doctor and then the ER where they found tumors surrounding his brain. We are still waiting on treatment plan, prognosis, severity etc. and we have two BIG doctor appointments to start answering some of those questions this week.

YOU Showed Up

Their school family showed up. Their church family showed up. My followers showed up.

Showed up in BIG BOLD prayers (keep em coming!) Meal sign up for two months is filled in only a few short hours. Their grocery list sign-up – done They were scheduled to move ON brain surgery day. Yes, you read that right, move, as in, to a new house while he was in the hospital. People showed up and made it happen. Beds made, house decorated and all so whenever they made it home, it felt comfortable and as much like home as we could. They and the kids left their old house Friday afternoon for the hospital (kids to my house) and went home to their new house 10 days later. Surreal? Yup! Thank YOU for showing up! Can I ask a BIG favor? KEEP showing up? They {we} need and covet your prayers!! That was a week of crisis mode but we still have a long hard road ahead of us. It takes a village and WOW you are our village and from the bottom of ALL our hearts – THANK YOU!!!! God IS bigger than our storm.

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