Joy Suckers

Are you aware of JOY SUCKERS? No, it's not a sweet treat. It's quite the opposite.

I recently started following Amy Weatherly on Facebook (and you should too) she has many words of wisdom. This is one of her many posts that helped me open my eyes. Let's be aware when any of these start to steal your joy. Let's do the opposite and also be conscience of who Jesus wants you to be ~ BeYOUtiful YOU.

Sure-fire ways to suck the joy right out of your life:

1. Complain constantly.

2. Be quick to anger and slow to forgive.

3. Put a whole lot of pressure on yourself.

4. Dwell on the bad.

5. Compare.

6. Stay glued to your phone.

7. Be ugly to everyone around you.

8. Hustle without resting.

9. Fill your calendars up with meaningless stuff.

10. Forget who you are and what you bring to the table.

11. Try to control everything.

12. Blame everyone else.

13. Refuse to change. Refuse to learn. Refuse to listen. Refuse to grow and do better.

14. Refuse help.

15. Hold onto guilt.

16. Hold onto bitterness.

17. Take everything seriously.

18. Let worry consume your mind.

19. Expect the whole world to cater to you.

20. Live for everyone else’s approval.


Amy Weatherly

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