Let me introduce myself

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Who am I?

Wife, mom, taxi driver, #Jesusgirl , sunshine addict and coffee lover.

That is the short simple answer for you 'type A' personalities that just need to move on (I am SO that girl!).

In all seriousness I am a 'ducks in a row' make a list and check it off girl. One of the things I challenged myself on this year is to not stress about perfect. For example I didn't make my bed this morning - I know you are laughing but for me this is a big deal and like Elsa says, I am learning to "let it go."

I am married to Josh, mom to Jax (12) and Kaylin (8) and both my kiddos were fertility babies. Being a mom is the most prayed for, anticipated, exciting, wonderful, hardest job of my life!

I don't sit . . . EVER . . but put me at the pool and come back in a week - I'll still be there happy as can be!

Coffee, ahhhhhh sweet coffee! I always wanted to be a coffee drinker when I grew up and the smell was amazing but the taste was oh so terrible! Then one long week I was sitting at a conference and was just too tired to keep going. I told Josh "Go get me something with caffeine and sweet enough to choke down. THAT was the first and now EVERY day I drink this sweet goodness (with creamer of course) and Starbucks is the way to my heart!

You may be asking How did I get to BeYOUtiful? - GREAT question and SUPER fun story!

I graduated high school, went to hair school and did hair for 15+ years along with sold a direct sales jewelry line for 18+ years (I'm not 10 years old so obviously those overlapped :) I remember even before I could drive, shopping with my aunts and while they were all in the dressing room I would help bring sizes, colors, fits etc. I shopped with friends, helped them organize thier closets and I loved encouraging women through my jobs to look and feel their best.

I grew up with an amazing mom who never defined beauty by a size tag in her pants. She was 'curvy' and always dressed well, ate apples as well as Fritos, salads and cheesecak. She taught us to take care of her our self,dress well, eat healthy choices, have fun and size never made the person. Yet she struggled daily with the scale. I hated her struggle. I despised the woman at Rogers' department store that told her 'we don't have your size here". I watched her try every new diet, she tried to pray the pounds away, she wanted to feel 'pretty' and to her she thought the smaller pants size was it. Now you know where my motivation comes from (thanks mom!)

Fast forward to 2017 I had been with the jewelry company (Premier Designs- whom I still love! Click here for my fav accessory stylist I now pass everyone on too) and really felt like if I sell you a necklace but you don't know how to wear it, it sits in you drawer then you have wasted your money. Several of us helped teach women how a few style tricks + accessories and BAM - fine to FABULOUS!

. . . . that is where God TOTALLY redirected my path!

God paved the way ahead of me with all this training aka jobs to start, run and LOVE BeYOUtiful Image Consulting.

I wasn't looking for a new job. I told God (funny right?!) that I did NOT want to do this. I tried to ignore His calling . . . and then I went for it. I got certified as an Image Consultant, went to advanced training, opened my own business and now . . . .here you are reading our blog.

I gave up somethings I loved and was good at (hair + Premier) for something God had for me. Hard? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I know 155% without a doubt in my mind that THIS is where I am supposed to be and that is an amazing feeling.

This is the really funny part . . . I don't write AND I don't speak . . . again BUT GOD.

God has taken my position in this company to yes work one-on-one with clients, but also to speak to churches, training cooperate companies and share my heart through this little hole in the technology world trying to reach YOUR heart.

I care SO much about the goal of BeYOUtiful which is "We build confidence and style using fashion + faith".

I want to tell EVERY women that God loves YOU as YOU are!

Serving YOU with fashion + faith,


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