Not Your Grandmas Color Analysis

Can you sense the anticipation for 2021? I know things may stay the same for a bit but I'm choosing to look at it through new lenses. Can you do this with me? Let's start off the New Year with a New You! How??

Numerous clients that have had their colors done before had it done in the 80's and 90's when figuring out your color code was super popular. Often at these parties women held up small swatches to the skin and face. Many were incorrectly "seasoned." Even those that were done correctly often didn't have enough information to make it helpful.

When you're in the chair, with bad lighting, there are so many nuances with the color drapes that are very hard to perceive without training and our thorough system. Once we see you, in good lighting, and the palette you belong in, it NEVER changes! No matter what time of year or how the pigment in your skin changes as you age.

On that note, we'd love to serve you in the NEW YEAR! New Year, New BeYOUtiful YOU!

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