ON the hunt for SPRING

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Selfie stick -check

Trends list – check

Coffee -check

Snow . . . . . please GO AWAY, we are hunting for spring today!

Yes, we grabbed our lists and went hunting to 2 of our favorite stores to see if they made the spring fashion trends cut. Do you think they did?

Here is our trends and colors list for spring 2019

First stop . . . one of our favorite local boutiques Feather and Birch. If you haven’t yet met Heidi, heard her story or stopped in to check out all the goodies – you are missing out!

Heidi opened her shop in 2017 (check date) also called ‘the post’ with darling home décor, personalized wood items but of course, our favorite is the back ½ of the store – the Boutique!

Here are a few of the items we fell in love with and of course once we got to playing (this is a good as a playground with monkey bars to us!) we just couldn’t stop.

So did Feather and Birch have Spring trends and colors – OF COURSE!

Actually, the ONLY one they were missing was #5 – biker shorts and THANKYOU Heidi for NOT having them!! That trend scares us all!!!

Next store . . .stay tuned!

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