Plain Waffles

Mmm, breakfast. My favorite meal of the day. Give me all the breakfast things! Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and waffles!! A dash of salt and pepper for my eggs and hash browns, a splash of coffee for my creamer and I am happy as a bird with a french fry.

What about the waffles, you say? What do you top yours with? Do you go the traditional route and add a little butter and syrup? Or the healthy version with berries and chia seeds? Maybe a little dollop of whip cream? Who eats them plain? There’s no wrong way to eat a waffle but there are several ways to make it more appetizing.

Ladies, we all have days we feel like a plain ole’ waffle.

Are you a reluctant mom or the businesswoman looking to dress with a bit more style? Are you having a tough time executing? You bought the cute things but not sure how to put them together to make that waffle look yummy.

We are here for you, sister!

Let’s start with a closet of yummy things you love to put on, that is key! Is your closet a place of excitement or does it make you break out in a womanly glow (aka sweat! lol)? Did you know we help with this?

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It’s one of my favorite parts of the consult!

Teaching you to utilize your space. To keep a mental inventory of what you have. To make a shopping list of items needed to complete outfits. And to actually learn to love the process of shopping your closet.

There are a few questions we always ask as we look at each piece in your closet. These questions help determine whether to keep that item or to move on. We at BeYOUtiful are not about more, more, more. Sure, shopping is fantastic! But truly not a requirement. Great “staples” are so important….check out my Staples blog post.

As a little girl who loved to play dress-up? Did it make you feel fancy? Did you pop that pinkie and bring out your British accent, darling? I encourage you to start up again! Make it fun! Shut your bedroom door – pop that lock, crank your jams and try on your clothes. Take selfies of outfits you put together.

Well, wait….what makes an outfit?

Clothes = Fashion

Outfit = Style (how YOU wear it)

Now, this is the part I really need you to listen to. Ya ready? Are you listening?

There is just one YOU! We will never try to make you into something you aren’t. We are asked regularly on how to boost my look. We are here to help you find your confidence! Because girl, there is just one YOU!!


Teaching you Style and Confidence using Fashion and Faith

After all, you gotta get dressed anyway, you might as well love what you put on! It takes just as long to put on yoga pants and a hoodie as it does jeans and a cute top.

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