Sacred Echos aka God Winks, ever get them?

Have you ever had things pop up in the most random times and places?

Things that may seem insignificant to someone else, but have meaning for you?

And these ‘things’ or ‘signs’ keep coming up repeatedly?

You are most likely experiencing a ‘Spiritual Echo’ (or as Kelly calls them a “God wink”) . These are messages from above that are a reminder or a prompting, just for you. The Holy Spirit is always trying to communicate with us and we need to be alert and aware!

The ways we can receive a prompting or ‘sign’ can be through His Word, through circumstances in your life, or feeling a stirring in your heart. When He wants our attention, He will deliver it to you in different ways, like through a friend, a message in church, or in your daily devotion. These ‘signs’ are often repeated (typically 3x).

He is trying to tell you something, girl!!!

If you start to notice a re-occurrence of images and/or messages...AND it comes up in scripture, it’s HIM!!! He’s speaking to you. He's helping you to lead you where He needs you to be. How awesome is that?!?

He is our guide.

He is our provider.

He is our protector.

He is our savior.

He loves you and wants the best for you.

Listen closely. Keep watch. He is sending signs.

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