Smile bigger & brighter


Say “cheese”

Show me those pearly whites . ..

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

We have all heard the sayings, and with each one . . .SMILE!

I love a happy smile, a person whose JOY oozes out, and who smiles with confidence!

I smile but now I think I might smile bigger, is that even possible -lol?

I totally debated, hesitated, weighed the pros and cons, already had Jax in braces so do I invest in my teeth too?????

After all the questioning, I am OVER THE MOON Thankful that I decided to do Invisalign (actually this is what everyone knows them as but technically mine are made by 3m -yes, the sticky wall hanging company make the teeth straightening trays. )

Let’s back up . . .

In 6th grade I had the general braces, wore them for three years, had a great smile . . . . and neglected to wear my retainer regularly (lesson learned!)

Also, as women age their mouth shrinks therefore crowding teeth -who knew right?!

So, all that added together plus I've always loved bright white straight teeth on people (I know, I’m weird) and here I am in clear trays. I started with one set every two weeks for a month and now I am changing trays every Friday night. I only have six weeks left -say whaaaaat?!

Seriously, I heard about pain, aching, not being able to eat (obviously not a problem) and I have had none of that. This has been one of the best and easiest things EVER!

Here are the before, eight weeks and current -HUGE changes!

I’ll post the after when I’m done and of course I’ll whiten them 😊

Oh, I know you’re going to ask . . Where do I go?

Good question! After looking around and interviewing a couple different orthodontists I knew I wanted:

  • Local

  • Personable, (I didn’t’ want to be #42 of the day)

  • Affordable

I ended up choosing Dr. Knapp from.....

He and his team are AMAZING. I feel like they really invest in your teeth journey and love on all their clients with amazing customer service!

If you would like a free consultation at Dr Knapp’s here is their info.

AND if you mention my name you get a FREE gift -whoo hoo!

Any questions, please ask.

Cheers to SMILING,


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