Swimsuit season is almost here - are you ready?

Spring is FINALLY here (after this crazy Michigan gloomy weather that just won’t leave, I am debating of moving south!) which means Summer is around the corner and we are on the countdown till my kiddos are home for the summer- whoo hoo!

That means pools, beaches, vacations aka SWIMSUIT season (or for me even tanning in the driveway- just keeping it classy!)

I am planning on living in my swimsuit at the beach or pool all summer!

(Watch out I might invite myself over!)

So, let's chat all about swimsuits - so fun right?! Surviving the swimsuit season takes courage! Some are the size of burlap sacks and some are the size of postage stamps… But you have to have them because pools and beaches will be open!

After going to the hotel with my kids this past winter I wanted to make sure I gave out some bathing suit tips (my eyes are scared!)

It's time to approach the swimsuit season with confidence, not apprehension… And maybe even with a twinge of excitement!

· No woman's body is perfect, so don't be so hard on yourself and be realistic.

· Bathing suits can be modest, stylish and respectful

· No matter your bust size, support is key. We all have boobs (#RealLife ) but we all don't need to see them.

· Just because you think a 2 piece is the best choice doesn't mean it has to be the only choice. Beauty doesn't mean showing all your skin- actually saving some skin under fabric is a good thing.

· Ask yourself - would I want my best friend to wear this, would I be ok with my daughter wearing this.

· If I bend over will I fall out or give everyone around me a show?

· Can I walk down the beach without having to pick a wedgie?

· Don't forget to choose a swimsuit and a color that is flattering to you!

I have the one in the right of the above pic and it's my fav!!!

Lots of you have asked where I get my suits and here are a few suggestions:

* If you don't need lots of breast support then Target can be a great place to start

* If you are curvy (size 14+) Target, Walmart and Torrid are fabulous

* HAPARI -lots of choices

* Cupshe – cute, affordable but best for small busts or anyone with bootie (and their return policy is TERRIBLE!)

* Amazon -still wins most of the time and they have the cutest high waisted suits

* Still, my all-time favorites are from Divinita Sole and Landsend (I actually just ordered one from each of these for myself today)

Why do I love them?

* The fabric is SO amazing and LASTS! I just got rid of my first suits from Davinita sole and they were in GREAT condition and lasted for 5+ years

* Great support if you are full busted – lands end you can even choose size then D, DD or DDD option

* Cute but still mom appropriate

* I love the high-waisted bottoms and they hold everything where it belongs and covers my rear-end (if I wanted a thong bathing suit I would have bought one - I want good coverage!)

Don’t forget a cute bathing suit coverup – My best summer days are pajamas to suit/ cover up to shower and then pack to pjs!

Target and Amazon are my favorite choices for cover-ups😊

A throwback to last summer when I was really tan (and yes I wear sunscreen)! I'm remembering the best summer ever! And my niece Ruby is my BFF (I am wearing a suit from Divinita Sole in this pic)

My kind of meeting - anyone want to join me?!

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