Take another look . . .

As she was quickly changing her clothes after a busy day of work to get into her comfies she walked past the mirror and took a quick glance . . .

then stopped, she looked in the mirror.

She saw stretch marks

She saw saggy breasts

She saw limp hair needing to be washed

She saw bags under her eyes

She saw lips too thin

She saw wrinkles in her forehead

She saw cellulite on her backside as she turned from looking at one side to another

She saw thighs that were larger than 10 years ago

She saw pale skin

She saw her waistline that needed to loose a few lbs

. . . as she heard footsteps and snapped out of her gaze at herself, she grabbed her nearby t-shirt and held it up to cover herself just in time for her daughter to come bounding through the bedroom doorway.

“Yeah mommy you’re home! Are you taking a shower? Will you snuggle with me after you ready?”

“Sure can sweetie but let me quick take a shower.”

“Ok, mom. Mom?”

Yes, honey what do you need?”

“I hope I look as pretty as you are when I get bigger.”


Mic drop.

No explanation ladies.

Have you ever been “she”?

YOU are BeYOUtiful!

YOU just need to see yourself through a different lens.

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Why all the places?

Because I want YOU to see it over and over and over and over again . . .

until one day you get it.

You start counting your blessings and not your earthly “imperfections”.

YOU are BeYOUtiful!

Serving YOU with fashion AND faith,

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