The Basic t-shirt

Hello there BeYOUtiful ladies,

Spring has finally sprung here in the wonderful mitten and we couldn’t be more thrilled! I don’t know about you but the warmer weather and sunshine gets me giddy. Open up them windows and let that fresh air in!!

So, let's chat fashion ladies, shall we? Basics. Great wardrobe basics are so important for giving so many outfit options. We at BeYOUtiful Image Consulting are all about great bargains but the old saying rings true here: you get what you pay for.

A basic piece of the day: the good ole t-shirt. Now, I’m not knocking Target, cause Jesus knows how much I’ve dropped there on clothes……plus, their bathing suits are awesome!! That said, I have never been overly thrilled with their Tee’s. After a few washes, they just aren’t the same. The shape always ends up wonky and they pill quite easily.

Wanna know a great place to pick up a great, lasting Tee? Feather and Birch!!

Lots of great colors to choose from and love the fabric. Especially being the “B” body shape that I am. Nice flowy fabric and doesn’t cling.

Today, Sally (yes, we named our BeYOUtiful mannequin) is wearing a gray Tee but you can substitute almost any color……in your color code ladies!!

Shoe Suggestions: ballet flats, sandals, bootie or a cute “tennie”

BeYOUties, these are some suggestions. Have fun and make these looks your own. Add a scarf, bracelets, a fun ring.

If you have any questions or need suggestions……um, hello! Blow up our phone. We love hearing from you and seeing you!

Have YOU booked your Personal Image Consultation or Personal Shopping option for this spring yet? Spring is HERE and we want to you look and feel YOUR BEST!

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