the jean jacket!

Hello there BeYOUtiful ladies,

Its that awkward time of year again when we transition from blizzard, freeze your tootie off one day to sixties and sunshine the next. I don’t know about you but it drives me bonkers. Hmmm, what do I wear today? Shall I freeze or glow today (ladies don’t sweat!)? Trust me when I say, I am not complaining! Jesus, just gimme sunshine!

So, I thought we would dress up Miss Sally (yes our BeYOUtiful mannequin officially has a name!) for you ladies and show you a few great options for, drum roll please…………

the jean jacket!

Ladies, if you do not currently have a jean jacket in your closet, its time to find you one. This marvelous item of fashion gives you so many options for outfits.

So, let's say you are headed to the grocery store:

Shoe Suggestions: ballet flats, sandals, bootie or a cute “tennie”

I don’t know about you but when I shop, whether, for clothes or food, I just can’t be hot.

Boom, take that jean jacket off and you still look adorable!

A bridal shower:

Shoe Suggestion: strappy sandal, ballet flats, heels or even booties

A wedding:

Shoe Suggestions: heels or dressy ballet flat

Date Night:

Shoe Suggestion: ballet flat, heels or booties

Girl’s Night:

Shoe Suggestion: red heels, booties or flats

Gals, these are some suggestions. Have fun and make these looks your own. Add a scarf, bracelets, a fun ring ~ the options are endless! If you have any questions or need suggestions……um, hello! Blow up our phone.

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