Tis the Season to....

~Take it all in~

Are you as busy as you were in years past?

Have you done more online shopping rather than in store?

There's still SO much to be done or maybe you've done it already?

What if we all took a minute and just stopped.

Stopped the worry and busyness and just took in the season.

Enjoy the moment(s) and the people you're with.

Yes, there's lots going on this time of year BUT don't forget to:

ENJOY the music

ENJOY the taste of those Christmas cookies (my fav!)

ENJOY the sparkling lights

ENJOY the seasonal decorations

ENJOY the glittery snowflakes

ENJOY each gift that was bought

It’s not about buying the perfect gift . . . .

it IS the season of THE perfect gift.

As I was Cinderella this recently.....

(I was cleaning my bathroom floor aka BUSY) the song

“Mary did you know” came on the radio and it got me thinking.

Did Mary know her son Jesus was going to save the world?

Did Mary know her son would heal the blind?

Did Mary know her son would gather people around the world every year to celebrate His birth?

Christmas does bring decorations, baked goodies, shopping, stockings hung on the mantle, parties and seasonal music.

All of those are great and to be enjoyed.

BUT take the time to remember how this holiday started . . .

as a baby born in a barn, wrapped in rags for YOU!

So wear the fun holiday outfit! Add the extra glitter earrings to that jeans and sweater. Rock the heels you can only wear for ‘special occasions’ because ladies

THIS IS a special occasion and deserves to be celebrated.

Even if you're only dressed up at home.

Remember the real reason for the season.

Take time away from the busy to ENJOY it this year.

Do you have an elf on your shelf? Tell your "Elf" aka a friend about our services or have and "Elf" tell your husband, Mom, Grandma or that you'd like a gift certificate for one of our amazing services. Let's be Elves to those we love. Hope to be seeing you soon!

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