Vulnerability is tough

Hello there BeYOUties,

It’s Holly here. I’ve recently been working on a blog post about God’s perfect timing. To say I am a, um that is not me but I am finding out God has a pretty great sense of humor. Like one of those stories you tell at first you don’t find funny but everyone you tell finds hysterical. It’s not until months or years later you can actually chuckle. That post will be saved for another time. All in His perfect timing.

To say I am excited it is spring is the understatement of the year. The birds have returned, I can see grass and I don’t even care that most of it is brown. And that bright shiny thing in the sky is back....thank you, Jesus!

Soon the flowers will start to come popping through the dirt.

Let me ask you a question and be honest with yourself here. Who loves to be uncomfortable. Well, duh....not me! Ever wonder if those BeYOUtiful flowers are in pain as they push their way through the tough crusty dirt? Do you think they know with all the work and pain that they will become something BeYOUtiful? I wonder if they just peak their way through and are like, “uhhh, no thanks, it’s way too different on this side, I’m going back”.

Vulnerability is tough. That’s a statement. So, why not go there? I’m feelin it today.

So, hopefully some of you have seen my pics on instagram and Facebook. There isn’t a lot of them. It’s not from lack of wanting more. I’m sure you see the smile in them and the videos with my fun-loving personality. And it isn’t a facade. I absolutely love the job that God has blessed me with! Oh, His perfect amazing timing. (More on that later). It is so easy to think looking at a picture of someone, hmm she has it all together. Great outfit, cute hair, nice skin, amazing job. Her life must be perfect.

Kelly made me put this picture in here . . .

Babes, think again! Each and every single one of us has insecurities. Me included...shocker, I know.

This Thursday I leave for Florida for spring break, yahooo! We have been counting down the days,no lie, since January 1. Wanna know what I’m putting myself through the ringer about? . . .

A bathing suit. Yup. A stupid bathing suit. To say I despise them doesn’t even describe it. Every year at this time I pull into myself. I close up. I have battled this for years. To the point of obsession, literally. But it never really mattered what size I have been, I haven’t been happy with my body. Size 4 or size 12.... nope, still look in the mirror and find what I dislike. Changing my self talk has been a work in progress.

I have a teenage daughter who I want with every fiber of my being to never have to deal with this battle. She is amazing! Ok, I might be biased. Taller than me, how does this happen?? Sweetest of giving hearts, strong and loves Jesus.

Here is Karly on our trip to Africa a few years ago loving on one of the village kiddos

I just need to say thank you to Jesus for how far He has brought me and helped me grow. I popped through a lot of crusty, tough dirt. Took one look at the other side of the dirt pile and was like,nope not comfy here, I wanna go back. But honestly, I don’t ever want to go back. I want to bloom! To reach for the Son. It’s uncomfortable to grow, it just is. But that is how we are used, how we see that He is beside us every single step.

So, ya know what. I’m gonna throw on that bathing suit and I am gonna have fun. Because that is what our kids, our family and friends truly remember. How you made them feel. How you showed them how much they are treasured and loved .

The King of the universe is enthralled with YOU! YOU are His Masterpiece. I am a daughter of the King....let that set in, read it again and again. Whatever your crusty dirt is, push through it. He means it for good, for your good. His perfect plan.

Love His Daughter,


ps - I would love to show you how YOU are BeYOUTiful! This is our mission but it is because we know what it feels like - good and hard days.

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