Want to know my secret?

Shhhhhh…Can you keep a secret?

I have a confession to make and only those truly close to me know this secret.

Are you ready, here goes. . . .

I have an ADD organization disorder.

One week my closet looks like it could be photographed for a woman’s magazine and the next it could be reported as a category 5 hurricane disaster. And it usually ends up that when my clothes are scattered from here to kingdom come that I get so far behind and late for wherever I need to be. And leave the house feeling flung together. Every single time that I end up having to sort through the rubble of my self- induced, natural disaster I promise myself that this will never happen again. What a complete waste of an entire day!

Who is with me on having ‘one of those’ mornings? The snooze button gets pushed one too many times, the dog decides it’s a great morning for an adventure and runs off into the neighborhood, your son jumps in a mud puddle because well, why not. Who ends up getting the short end of that stick? You of course and your time to get ready.

Can anyone relate? Please, give me bumps, don’t leave me hanging.

Question. Who has heard of meal planning? Have you done it? Did it make your hectic life even a tinge easier? Well, duh! Let’s carry this planning over to your closet!

Take your planner out and look at your upcoming week.

Soccer games?

Work meetings?

Family birthday party?

And that’s just Monday!!

Sister, we are here to make your life easier. Now that you’ve looked at your week ahead…. lets Outfit Plan! Get those cute buns in your closet.

Outfit #1 its as easy as putting it on a hanger together with the accessories, shoes and handbag (if you swap up often) But lets give it a good inspection before we are ready to move on to the next outfit. Is it wrinkled? Give it a hit of the steamer – girl, no one wants to see you walking around looking like you just crawled out of the laundry basket.

Outfit #2 – here it is! Same thing – easy peazy, lemon squeezy!

Continue for the next 3 days or so – BOOM sister, you got life licked! Knock on wood and most definitely say a prayer.

It seriously is just this easy. With everything in order and ready to roll, your morning will breeze right by.

Check out this FREE printable to have your outfits tagged - just getting even easier isn't it?!

Just pick a time that you have a free half hour or so. It will be so worth your sanity. I can’t wait to hear if you give this a try and send pics! We love to see what you ladies are doing.

Luv ya friends,


If you are in the current stage 5 tornado in your closet and need some help - Contact us ~ organizing and cleaning closets is our jam!

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