What is your favorite brand?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Do you have a favorite brand? How about a favorite store? Do you shop Marshalls or TJ Maxx because you know you get certain brands?

Do you tuck in your shirt to make sure the label of your jeans shows? Are you on a first name basis with Sam (Sam Edelman) shoes, Kate (Kate Spade) or maybe even Michael (Kors)?

One of my sweet friends told me a story of her growing up and not having much of anything, let alone fancy or name brand items. She once got a ‘GAP' sweatshirt and purposely wore her hair up and the tag ‘accidentally’ hung out so everyone could see. Sad yes, but how many of us are guilty of this in our own way. We post our new items so people know where or what we got.

I know a lot of times, ‘you get what you pay for’ and I don’t like wasting money on things that won’t last a couple seasons.

I do love a high quality, good feeling items.

Have you shopped with me yet? I guess I FEEL everything when I shop – I have gotten this pointed out to me several times. But hey, what can I say FEELING and quality means A LOT! I can shop at high-end stores but I’m a regular to all stores including Walmart. Fun fact: did you know Nordstrom now is creating a line(s) for Walmart – whoo hoo!

Think if all the brands were taken off the tags . . .then where would you shop? Would you shop for quality, quantity or cost?

Actually let’s skip WHERE, what if we all wore tags labeled “God-made” . . . WOW, now that is a brand I want!

God chose YOU

God created YOU

God made YOU unique

God knew the world needed one of YOU

God set YOU apart

God loves YOU

YOU are His masterpiece

God died on the cross for YOU

God formed YOUR body

God knows how many hairs are on YOUR head

God is fascinated with YOU


Not if, not when you . . . just period. He loves YOU and His desire is for YOU to love YOUrself too!

Get up in the morning and put on your “God-made” brand before you even put on your earthly clothing.

Sister, YOU are BeYOUtiful no matter what store labels you wear.

Speaking of stores though -isn’t this the best brand name?! I saw this at Dutton General store and seriously needed a picture of the tag -love it!

YES – go be awesome!

Luv ya friends,


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