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Remember the polar vortex of 2019? You know the endless amounts of snow, FREEZing days stuck inside sipping hot chocolate, running out of activities for the kids since it was too cold to send them out side and all screen time allotments went out the window.

We survived those day for JULY - can I get an AMEN?!

July has been pure Michigan here with LOTS of sunshine, not enough rain (those poor farmers – and remember the MONTH of rain in June?) and vacations. Day trips, week vacations, Kaylin went to camp, and our family re-lived a week from our childhood -more on that later.

I am soaking up every minute of fun, ignoring the kids fighting, using LOTS of sunscreen and not wishing the next season come. . . at least not yet. Ask me again on August 30 😉

So, in a month of work, fun, and sun what do we wear? Clothes duh!

We at BeYOUtiful Image Consulting are NOT about being dressed up, NOT about a makeover, NOT about perfection. We ARE about dressing your best for the occasion/ situation you are in.

Going to work – dress your best for work

Going to the pool – wear your bathing suit

Going on a date night – dress cute

Going to a country concert – by all means wear the cowgirl boots!

Going to a school sporting event – wear school colors. “Wait what?! But my kids go to TK (Thornapple Kellogg and the colors are black + white + orange) and those aren’t my colors!?” Sister, confidence beats perfections EVERY time and you need to be a proud supportive momma – wear the school colors!

Going camping – wear cutoffs and grab that hoodie for the bonfire

Get the pattern?

WE are all about knowing YOUR best colors, dressing for YOUR individual body shape and dressing for what YOU are doing!

You all think I look like this most of the time -ha!

I actually am a normal girl – bed head, acne, and LOVE comfy clothes! BUT I do know how to dress when I leave my house (and I can teach you too😊 )

House clothes -comfy-duh!

Let’s go through a month of my everyday life– where I went, what I did and what I wore . . . sound like fun?

Ok, 1 month ago, June 18 – corporate presentation and working with corporate women

Kimono: Altr'd state

Tank: Target

Pants: Marshalls

June 20 – Consultations and shopping with a client

Kimono: Sister Bird Boutique

Tank: Sister Bird Boutique

Jeans: Maurice’s


June 21 – SOOOO hot! The kids and I went to a friend’s pool

Cover up- Amazon

June 22 – mom day

Comfy dress: Walmart

Shaper: Dress Barn -BEST EVER

Duster: Sister Bird Boutique

June 23 – dropped Kaylin off at Grace Adventures camp


Tank: Express

Shorts: The loft Outlet

June 25 – Corporate presentation


Jacket: Wilsons Leather outlet

Necklace: Premier Designs

Shoes: Amazon

June 25-27 Vacation Bible school for our church

Gotta wear the gear right 😊

T-shirt: from our church

Boots – yes boots! Remember how much rain we had?! I wore flip flops the first night and I looked like I had swam in the swamp. Everyone laughed the second night when I wore my mud boots but the laughing quickly stopped when I was clean and dry feet #dressfortheoccasion

Boots: Muck boots

June 26 – cut the grass

Tank & pants: Costco

Sweat: all me sister 😉

June 27 – client consultations and shopping

Dress: Feather & Birch

June 30 – up north church

Strapless dress:

Denim vest: Maurice’s

Necklace: Premier Designs Jewelry

Back in my suit for the afternoon with sunscreen and lip protector (lipsense works the best!) for sure!

Suit: amazon

Dunes for the evening (these are my people!)

Sweatshirt: AR collections

July 1 – pool again (are you seeing a trend aka addiction 😉 )

Suit: Amazon

Coverup: Amazon

July 2 – try-ons at Myrtle Mae’s Boutique and Dutton General with Holly

Top: Myrtle Maes’ Boutique

Jeans: Maurice's

and it was OFFICIALLY the hottest day EVER and the air went out in my car #realworldproblems - like I said - normal girl right here :)

July 3- back up north

Comfy skirt: Marshalls

Tank: Sister Bird Boutique (best tank EVER!)

July 4 – 4th of July and of course I'm a proud American sporting the love of the USA


Stars cutoff jean shorts: Maurices

Earrings: Katie Renae Designs

July 5 – boating with friends

Bathing suit: lands end

Then the story takes a plot twist . . .ready for a funny, warm and fuzzy?

I am going to make a really long story kind-of short . . . Let me start at the beginning. When my siblings and I were young we went to a cottage with all my cousins and mom’s siblings for a week – best week of the summer! WE played, ate junk food, lots of sleepovers, skied, tubed and swam for hours – like I said BEST WEEK ALL SUMMER. I think we stopped going there when I was 16/17 years old so over 20+ years since we have been there.

My sister, Sister in law and I decided we wanted to do something like this with our kids this year. After lots of hunting for 3 individual cottages by each other with no luck, long story we ended up back at the exact place we went when were kids! Are you getting all the warm and fuzzies?

It was truly the best week! Not a cloud in the sky and the boat never stopped running! (thank you to all our husbands for working since we just kept buying more gas) made a million meals for 10 people, games, water balloons, coffee in our pjs and so many memories!

We used to take this pic when were young so of course we had to replicate it!

By same pic, I mean all the kids oldest to youngest on this dock.

Oh bring on the warm and fuzzies!!!!

Lol, talk about memories – the cottages hadn’t changed A BIT! Now they kept them VERY clean and for that I am thankful BUT the same carpet, same stove (that was old when we were there 20+ years ago), same rust in the sink, towels around the toilet base to collect leaking water, STINKIEST water you have ever smelled, cabinet doors fell off, coffee pots not working, and had to choose the toaster or microwave . . you couldn’t use both at the same time. We had prepared ourselves for low expectations, but this brought SOOOOO many laughs all week. Every time we turned around it was another thing- thank you Lord for memories that will last a lifetime and laughs that will keep us entertained for years!

It truly was a vacation – I went from pjs to bathing suit back to pjs EVERY day , and I never did me hair all week– it was glorious 😊

I was excited however to get home to a normal shower, my own bed, ice in the refrigerator, a dishwasher and a normal bra 😊


Bathing suits: Lands end and amazon

Coverups: both from amazon

Pjs: Walmart

That’s is seriously all I wore -lol!

JULY 13 – date night – I finally had to get ready-lol!


Earrings: Lennon & Willow

July 14 church


July 16 – clients

Romper: dress barn

Style tip: it is actually a cold shoulder that I put my arm through the shoulder part to wear as tank style

Cardigan: friends closet

Necklace: premier designs

July 17 Wednesday – clients

Tank: express

Duster: friends closet

Pants: Jean Maries Holland

July 18 Thursday – work at home in office

Comfy skirt: Marshalls

T-shirt: my friend made it for me (I am the LEAST craft person on the planet but I sure do love my crafty friends :)

And here we are back at the 19th of June, I am sitting in my pjs, writing you my life (not that you care) and about to head back to the pool.

I hope you learned that I am a ‘normal’ girl. I love dresses pjs, bathing suits and kimonos and comfy clothes.

What I love most though is encouraging YOU to be YOU. Dress in YOUR style personality, YOUR colors, and enjoy YOUR life.

Luv ya friends


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