You are the girl for the job

I’m currently reading a book.

Yup, period, because if you knew me a few years ago that simple statement would make your jaw drop! I used to HATE to read, not even dislike and now I cherish every moment BUT I do it slow. I like to hold a book in my hand (nothing against you kindle fire or audible ladies!) but there's something about holding a book in my hand with pen and hi-lighter ready to mark all my favorite parts that fills my heart and mind. Sure, lost in a brainless romance series (Karen Kingsbury is my latest fav) but a motivation, self-help, business or devotional is my jam lately.

Current read is YOU’RE THE GIRL FOR THE JOB by Jess Connolly. I doubt myself. Am I really qualified to lead and teach you? This book was recommended to me and any excuse to order books on Amazon and have them in two days I jump at (aka slight addiction). Can I please own my own library someday #squirrel. Did you know I have a phobia of public libraries? Weird I know, more on that another time. HERE is the link for the book if you’re interested.

The current chapter is ‘Find your people’. Who are your people? Go after your people. Minister and lead your people. YOU my friends are my people!

I am so thankful that as I read this book, I know WHO I am called by and WHO I am called to serve -YOU!

I love the everyday woman who may fight against the lies when she looks in the mirror. I love woman the who looks cute in her everyday casual life. I love the professional woman who needs to find balance of keeping her personality within a dress code. I love sweatpants and coffee on the couch. I love my no makeup and no hair done days. I love water and fruity drinks. I love sleep. I love my people.

I have a LOT of weakness that may be some of your strengths –

this is where we compliment each other. But my strength IS encouraging YOU! Telling YOU how special YOU are! Helping YOU look AND FEEL your best!

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Friends, I am here, I am following the calling and I am SO thankful YOU are my people!!

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