You need these 2 things . . .

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Happy July 1st -it is sunny and FINALLY feels like summer!

You only need 2 things to go to the pool/ beach!

Well ok 2 things + yourself.

What 2 things?

Well hold on for 1 minute because first of all I know your thinking . . . I need the perfect body with the perfect bathing suit and sure you do need to wear something but no that is not it. Towel, sure but not necessary.

The real but sad part before we even get ready to go anywhere is the lies we listen to, take with us and sadly believe ☹

I am right along with you . . . did you see this pic I posted on social media last week?

I took this picture 4 weeks ago to send to my #BFF of course with the “ignore my Michigan tan, the messy stuff laying around and and and...”

I would never post a pic of me in my bathing suit- that would be SO EMBARRASSING or people would assume I’m proud and arrogant.

I hope they don’t notice my saggy boobs, bikini rash, un-shaved legs, no makeup..... WHY? This is what I preach to YOU all and here I am beating myself up😞


🔟things every woman needs to remember this summer ☀️ 1️⃣ 90% of women have cellulite- the other 10% still have something they are self-conscious about 2️⃣ Every woman is far more concerned about her own imperfections to even notice yours 3️⃣ Your children won't remember your muffin top or spider 🕷 veins- they will remember you! 4️⃣ Boobs droop. And if they don't it's because they have paid good money so they don't 😉 5️⃣ No, you don't look like you did in high school..... but would you really like to be back in high school?! 6️⃣ Those stretch marks may not be pretty but you earned every last one!! 7️⃣ Pale skin = fewer wrinkles 8️⃣ Nobody looks like the models in the swimsuit catalogs, not even the models in the catalog! 9️⃣ You have more things to worry about than how you look in a bathing suit 👙- get over it! 🔟 If you have kiddos YOU are their mom. They are watching how you talk and treat yourself..... get over yourself and go play with your kids 💖

YOU are beYOUtiful- be YOU!

(and a big bonus- this suit 👙was only $20 ~ and I love it (I may have ordered it in other colors too)!

Click HERE for the suit link

So replace the lies with TRUTH and GO, just GO to the pool/ beach!

Some of you will still go to the beach but you won’t take off your cover-up – that is NOT what I’m saying here. Sure, have a cute cover-up but take it off and be confident in the body God gave you NO MATTER what!

Here are 2 cute cover-ups that I got on amazon – both were under $20 -whoo hoo!

left picture cover-up link HERE , Right picture cover-up HERE

Ok, so back to the 2 things you need for the beach or pool:

The only 2 things I need are . . .

Sunscreen and a good book (oh and chair is always helpful too 😊)

Cancer is just everywhere, and it scares me BUT I also LOOOOVE the sun so I just be careful!

My favorite sunscreen for me is:

Yes I am holding lipsense in the picture too because this is THE BEST lip protection EVER!

Have you tried it?

I am not rep but here is what I know - I burned my lips one time severely and once you do that you will NOT want to do that again!

Lipsense adheres to your lips like nail polish to your nails, sits on top and not soak in. Lipsense is my FAV! I can skip all makeup but I wear this for lip protection EVERY time!

Want to try some - contact me and I can give you my girls name :)

And of course, I cover up my kiddos – these are (knock on wood, cross your fingers and say a prayer!) the only things my kids don’t burn with!

I have a stack of books with me on vacation right now and of course I dream of reading them all BUT I like to read slow, with highlighter and pen, folding over pages so it takes a while. This is my current read.

My precious friend gifted me this book (gifts and words are my love languages, so this was such a blessing to me!) and seriously how did I not know about this book???

My goal is to get her to change the name to ‘You are BeYOUtiful’ – think I have a chance 😉 lol

Remember, your kids don’t care what you wear, what color your bathing suit, towel or cover up is, if your hair is styled or not, they just want YOU to be with them!

Kaylin grabbed a towel, snack and her book and read with me yesterday – it totally melted my heart 😊

So, I’m logging off now, ignoring my bikini rash, shorts tan line and saggy boobs and I’m going to the pool – did you know I love the sun? lol

Have a GREAT week friends, LUV YA!


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