Young & BeYOUtiful

Do you have a tween, middle school or high school daughter, niece, granddaughter? Remember those days when we were that age, we struggled with body image, what to wear, how to look cute....

Young and BeYOUtiful consultation is designed for young girls’

middle school through high school (ages 12-18 ish)

​Young girls are infiltrated now with social media EVERYwhere, movies, magazines, music and it has become a comparison world. The world has now set the standard of what ‘perfection’ looks like and these girls are trapped.

Unlike our adult program this focuses less on body shape and more on confidence.

These girls’ bodies are still growing and changing, and they have enough pressure about size and shape and we are here to strengthen them NOT to add more pressure.

We encourage creativity with clothing choices. To find their own sense of style to create looks and try new things to enhance their individual self. We will give them guidelines to ‘Dress with Dignity’, but we want their personality to shine though what they wear so ‘cookie cutter’ fashion is discouraged and individuality in encouraged!

We will encourage them to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Our goal for Young & BeYOUtiful is to raise strong,

confident girls to be the next generation of women.

Topics covered:

Dignity vs modesty

Fashion Ugly laws (inappropriate clothing)

Truth or Bare test (does your clothing pass the test)

3 things you really like about yourself (teaching confidence)

When do you feel most confident?

We hope you join us in the fight to change the way these girls look in the mirror

– we want them to love themselves.

Not arrogant but CONFIDENT – BIG difference!

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