“Choosing to do the Style Me BeYOUtiful consultation was by far one of the best decision I made! It wasn’t just about my colors & what styles look best on me, it was about getting me to see me for who I really am - on the inside. That no matter what size I am, or what number shows up on the scale, I am beautiful - exactly how God created me to be.

And now, when I get ready in the morning, I know what pieces to put together for a super cute outfit & when I look in the mirror, I see myself as beautiful & I feel so confident!

And when I go shopping, I know exactly what to look for, and that adds to my confidence as well.
I highly recommend doing a consultation with BeYOUtiful. It might very well be life changing!”                                           

Jenny, stay at home mom of 4


"It was such a fun thing to do with my daughters. I feel like after 5 years I finally know what colors work for me, but my girls' benefited from the knowledge also. I usually hate shopping, but now it is so much easier when I know what colors and styles to look for."

Rhonda, works full-time and mom of 4


" Since my mom has met with with BeYOUtiful Image Consulting, I’ve been able to see beautiful changes both inside and out! She’s excited getting ready in the morning knowing what pieces to put together that are super cute and make her look amazing. When we go shopping she now knows what colors and shapes flatter her and can see her true beauty and giggle when she’s in the dressing room, even if something doesn’t fit the way she had hoped. She’s changed up her style a bit and I love it!

BeYOUtiful has not only made my mom more confident in her outfits, but made her truly see how beautiful she is. My mom has a new outlook on life and since meeting with a Stylist she smiles with a confidence I haven’t seen in a long time. Not only has she changed herself, but others around her notice the confidence boost too!"

Beth, daughter of a client


"I love what you are doing and believe it is a valuable service to women. I like how you share your message in a fun, yet serious manner because it is something that all females ages 8 to 80 need to hear! "

Jen, accountant and mom of 3