Vanity vs Confidence

We live in a day and age where aesthetics seem more "important" than ever. Social media seems to dictate the way we feel about ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world. This is especially prevalent amongst our precious youth. I have chosen not to allow my children to have social media just yet. My daughter is 13 and my son is 11. I want to make is VERY clear that I do not judge any parent for their choices for their family and allowing their child social media, but here is where I am coming from. As an adult woman, I still feel myself getting drawn into the rabbit hole of social media at times. I gaze upon the beautiful lives of others, dreaming I was in the picture, on the beach by a crystal blue waters sipping champagne with my favorite people by my side. Then I am reminded that this is a moment in their life; a beautifully orchestrated post, capturing the very best moment they chose to share. No one wants to see the post of someones very worst day. Maybe we need to be showing more authentic moments so we can see life is certainty NOT perfect. We all have bad days. Let's own that people!

So, if I am adult having these moments of comparison, how can a young developing mind process this? Teenagers are all about acceptance and finding who they are. A lot of their identity is wrapped up in what their peers think of them. They are discovering who they are in the world and what is important to them. I just don't want to perpetuate doubt and insecurity. I have tried so hard to instill confidence in my kids. I remember as a teen being so worried about what everyone thought of me all the time and it was exhausting! I am very deliberate in making sure my kids see that it's your heart and character that matters most. Sure, they see me take care of myself, put on makeup and do my hair, wear clothes that make me feel good, but there is a vast difference between being self confident and being vain. A healthy self image is so important. Loving yourself and believing in yourself, is the kind of self confidence we should all strive to have. No one will love you more than you, so take care of YOU! You cannot love others without loving you first.

Vanity on the other hand, is self obsession. It is having way too much focus on ones self and appearance. It is always focused on how others see you. Nothing good can come from this. It fosters jealously and narcissism, and can lead a person down a dangerous path. A world filled with always trying to out do others and be "perfect" in the eyes of the world. It cannot be sustained and will leave that person feeling empty and disappointed.

What makes you feel self confident? Are you relying on others opinions of you to make you feel good? Are you being authentically you?

Friend, let me tell you something....there is NO ONE on this Earth like you. You are unique and precious and have something to offer this world that no one else can.

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On that last note "there is NO ONE on this Earth like you." She's exactly right! There's only ONE BeYOUtiful YOU! Our mission is to build confidence from the inside out using fashion and faith. We would love to get to know you better and after our time together we hope you gain confidence, joy and feel BeYOUtiful. Our passion is helping women feel BeYOUtiful - not by the worlds standards but by how God Sees them.

~Love the BeYOUtiful Team

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