You know the type. When they walk into a room, they turn heads. When they talk, people listen. They know how to say what people want to hear. And it's not just the words they say, but how they make people feel in the way they say them.

Now not all charisma is bad. But charisma becomes a problem when it exists in the absence of Christ-like character.

There's a character in the Bible who's name is Absalom (David's son), you can read about him in 2 Samuel. That man had Charisma. Smooth talker. Super personable, etc.

He typically said the right things, but his actions were more than questionable....

So what does this mean for us:

  • We should desire for others to be more in awe of God than they are of us.

This is why it's so important that we are grounded in God's Word. His Word is truth, and knowing truth makes it much easier to spot lies. As we seek His wisdom, we grow in discernment and in lasting knowledge.

If we aren't grounding ourselves in what the Bible teaches, we won't know truth, friends, and we are much more likely to find ourselves following a false teacher. It's that simple.

It doesn't matter how funny/inspiring/competent he or she is... if they're feeding you falsehood.

It doesn't matter how justified they make you feel in your fleshly desires... if they're elevating their own opinion over what God's Word says.

It doesn't matter how many others are following them... If they're not following Christ.

Just because they say the name of Jesus... doesn't mean they're living for Him.

The Bible warns us that the world is full of people we shouldn't follow.. and because of social media, we have easy access to follow more and more of them.

Friends, let's be leaders who prioritize Christ - not Charisma.

~Written by Michelle Myers from the She Works His Way devotional, volume 2.

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