Leave it there.

Would you take something back that you gave someone? Lets' say you gave a close friend something and then a few days later or a month down the road you were like, mmmm never mind, I need that back. I think what I gave you is better for ME.

A bit tacky I'd say.....

So when we lay a burden down at the cross why do we go and pick it back up?

Do you think He can't handle it? Maybe He isn't resolving that burden fast enough?

Girl, once that burden is laid at the foot of the cross -

LEAVE IT THERE. He's got it! Once you fully open your hands and release it to Him, be FREE! Live in the freedom He gives you! Capture every thought and release it to Him.

YOU are loved, just as YOU are! Right where you are, no matter how far away you've wandered.

Go to Jesus today and talk to Him about your burdens. He's a great listener.

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